In May, at Modere, we are celebrating all the amazing, inspiring women we have in our lives, be they mums, wives, besties, big sisters, aunties, or workmates.

There has been so much in the news and on social media of late about women and the issues we face. Often, at times, the news is less than inspiring and pretty heartbreaking. Why when we can be so powerful together, a tribe that can lift each other, do we often choose to not play so nice?!

Well, we say it stops today.

We want to recognise and share the incredible stories of not only the women of Modere, what’s it like working at Modere as women but also inspiring stories we hear along the way about the strength, power and passion of women… and shout it from the rooftops… this is girl power at its finest people (gosh, I miss the Spice Girls!).

At the same time though, we don’t want to forget those men that stand behind us… we wouldn’t be the women we are today without those men that gave us life and shaped and molded us. But don’t worry, we’ll be shining the light all over you later in the year!

But as Mother’s Day approaches, we also want to pay tribute to our mums – and we must remember that mums come in some many different forms for each and every one of us… sometimes they are even dads! We want to share those stories too. We have new mums, doggy mums, big sisters… we have so many powerful and amazing women among us… we are all unique beings. It can be so hard to remember that so let’s band together and never forget it!

– By Nikki Carter