We asked our Brand Manager – Personal Care and resident Queen of Colour, Sonja Dunbar who loves all things celebrity and glamour to let us in on her top 5 makeup looks from one of Hollywood’s biggest night in film and television – this week’s Golden Globes.

I get it. There are bigger things happening ‘out there’ than gorgeous fashion on perfectly groomed, beautiful people.

Things like the drought facing our farmers, the homelessness epidemic of Australian youth, the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef or my three boys OBSESSION with the Playstation game NBA 2K17 – all well deserving of attention and solutions BUT let’s get lost for a few moments looking at the beautiful people and the looks they pulled off at this week’s biggest Red Carpet event.

I love taking inspiration from the best of the best hair and makeup artists around and working their creations into achievable looks for little old me – you can do it too!

BROWS. Literally the BEST brows ever. Fact.

Lily Collins is nothing short of red carpet perfection with her stunning look. I love the deep red matte lip (matte is HUGE right now) with the soft pink shimmery eye – a lovely mix of classic with an edgy flair that perfectly picks up the hue of her dress, who ever said pink and red don’t go together?!

All crowned with a classic up-do, fit for a European princess and if you look closely you’ll see tiny fishtail plaits interwoven in her bun – a fresh, youthful twist on an old favourite.

America’s Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon always impresses me with her red carpet style. Maybe it’s the Southern charm she oozes but I feel she always looks elegant AND youthful – a hard mix to get!

I’m a sucker for cheeky cheeks and Reese’s rosy apples are the pick of the bunch with her pink dollops of blush and soft pink lip. Makeup artist Molly R. Stern gave the pretty look an edgier vibe with a shimmery smoky eye and loads of mascara – let’s be honest, I never feel too much mascara is too much! J

Can we all take a moment of appreciation for her sunshine yellow Versace frock?


Ahhhhh, my best friend Drew Barrymore. She could wear a garbage bag and never wash her hair again and I’d still be obsessed. I even went through a stage in my 20’s where I wore fresh daisies in my hair for months on end because I wanted to be just like her… I digress.

I’m loving the clash of a cool-toned shimmery eye and warm-toned bronze lip and cheeks, her skin is absolutely luminous and OH MY GOODNESS THAT HAIR.

Effortless and bohemian with soft waves and all that gorgeous volume. It’s almost reminiscent of a 70’s Farrah Fawcett/Charlie’s Angels type vibe. (See what I did there?!)

Completely loving it.

I confess, I had to Google Olivia Culpo to work out why she got airtime at the Globes (she was Miss Universe in 2012 and she dated a Jonas brother for a bit) but I adored her Frieda Kahlo inspired look nonetheless.

Once again, really on-trend with a warm matte lip and burgundy smoky eye, flawless skin, defined cheekbones and brows for days – just spectacular.

Olivia has beautiful hair too, long, thick and oh-so healthy. It’s been swept back with a severe part into an intricate weave of reverse French braids. LOVE!

Do yourself a favour and check out the stunning beading all over her Zuhair Murad dress. Wowsers. She nailed it.

And just so you fellas don’t feel left out I want us all to have a moment of Ryan Gosling appreciation. For his kind heart and immense talent of course.

You’re welcome girls.

We’re absolutely bursting at the seams to release our very own natural mineral range of Modere Colour makeup in February, and who knows…maybe next year one nominated starlet will paint her face with a range of makeup that’s down to earth. Stay tuned!