To truly live clean is really all about a holistic approach to living. It is all well and good to say that we live clean by using clean products on the inside and the outside, and in our homes, but it’s also about focusing on the environmental footprint we leave on this beautiful earth. It’s about having a work-life balance, it’s about mental health, it‘s about being truly happy – mind, body and soul.

Today (September 14) is R U OK? Day in Australia and we are asking you all to ask someone, “R U OK?”. Start with today… but remember the power these words can have on someone. Ask someone, anyone, a neighbour, a best friend, a colleague, one person or ten, “R U OK?”. This kind gesture can be all it takes to remind someone that they are worth our time, that there is someone who cares for them, loves them even when they can’t love themselves.

With an estimated 1 in 5 Australians having had some degree of mental health issue in their lives, we want to make mental health not something to run and hide away from. Today can be the day that we remember that mental illness can affect anyone.

Our male population is most at risk, largely due to the standards and pressures of today’s societal expectations. There is an unspoken assumption that men be stoic and struggle in silence in the face of adversity. This, too often, ends in tragedy. Our children are bullying each other and unfortunately, as our technology has evolved, it has made it almost impossible to escape the harassment as our private lives are documented and sprawled all over social media.

We want you to set the example. Teach our children about positive methods and approaches on bullying. Teach them that mental illness is not a dirty word. That it should be everyone’s priority so we have the chance to stop losing valuable and amazing people to it. Teach them that there is another way, a better way and that there are always people that care and will offer support in times of need.

It’s a super simple question to ask but be prepared to not always hear “Yes, I’m okay”. Be prepared to listen and be a support. For the full list of steps or more information on this wonderful cause, please visit:

And to hear about the powerful story behind the R U OK? Day movement and the journey after, watch this amazingly beautiful Australian Story.