5 ways to have fun with Green Qi each day

Most of us have grown up with ‘eat your greens’. So many potential benefits are derived from green foods, and with winter around the corner, it’s even more important to prioritise our wellbeing.

A little healthy habit like a daily dose of Green Qi offers an easy way to get some natural goodness into our body.

‘Qi’ is a Chinese word that loosely translates to ‘life energy’. Who hasn’t had those days when the energy doesn’t flow naturally? Particularly when we’re busy, stressed or feeling a bit run down.

Green Qi is a potent blend of twenty-five different 100% organic green powders including spirulina, alfalfa grass leaf, parsley leaf, oat fibre, spinach leaf and many more.

It’s an easy way to get on top of your fruit and veg intake, especially during those moments when we don’t have time to stock up on the good stuff or produce nutritious meals from scratch.

You can take Green Qi with a glass of water, but if you’re keen to mix up your daily dose, here’s some fun ideas on how to incorporate it into your day:

  • Add to juice. Enjoy with a glass of apple or orange juice to make it zing!
  • Give your bowl of porridge a healthier twist by ‘greening’ it up. Mix your usual combo of oats, milk and/or water in a pan or the microwave until it thickens, then stir through the Green Qi powder. Add some honey and fruit for a touch of sweetness.
  • Work it into a delicious, energy boosting smoothie. Everyone has their favourite smoothie – it might be the perfect balance of fresh fruit and veg, balanced with ginger to give it some punch, or a sneaky addition of almond milk, a squeeze of lemon or some chia seeds for a bit of extra texture. Our favourite recipe includes fresh cucumber, apple and spinach with the addition of invigorating fresh mint, a squeeze of citrus and coconut water to balance the flavours. You can check out the full recipe here.
  • Turn it up a notch with a green smoothie bowl. Incorporate spinach and kale, and top with your favourite mix of fresh or frozen berries. Here in Australia and New Zealand, some cafés are specialising in smoothie bowls, but why not make your own? Incorporate our Green Qi with your choice of almond or cashew milk and top with fresh kiwi slices, roasted seeds or berries. Then don’t forget to get your phone, snap away with your favourite filter and watch it go big on Insta!
  • Get on trend with an Acai bowl. The traditional Brazilian concept is made of frozen Acai palm fruit, pureed and served as a smoothie in a bowl. You can buy Acai from health food stores. Blitz it up with Green Qi and your chosen mix of unsweetened almond or coconut milk for a different take on the smoothie bowl.

There’s no better way to stay healthy as the cooler weather kicks in and keep the energy levels up with the nourishing and goodness of Green Qi each day – however you like to enjoy it!