Odds are, you’ve been there.

Your luscious locks have become a disaster zone. Over styling, exposure to the elements, chemical treatments (eek!), abuse from environmental and non-environmental forces (and yes, we are looking at you straighteners!)…

Sometimes your hair simply needs a little TLC.

That’s when Modere’s Repairing Hair Mask becomes your hair’s new best friend.

The specialists in Modere’s ‘love the way you look and feel division*’ created Repairing Hair Mask as emergency relief for damaged hair. Even when it’s at its most frazzled and frizzed state!

The deep moisturising mask is packed full of an opulent blend of natural plant derived ingredients – including crambe seed oil, hydrolyzed plant proteins and rich murumuru butter – to deliver penetrating conditioning and moisture to help strengthen and protect dry or damaged hair.

When it comes to emergency hair repair, your hairdresser will wonder how you did it!

The treatment is simplicity itself.

Use Repairing Hair Mask after shampooing. Apply a generous amount and work through your hair. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse. If you’re seeking deeper conditioning, leave it on a little longer.

When the hair heebie-jeebies really hit and truly intense conditioning is called for, work through your hair, wrap it up with a towel for about an hour to allow hair to dry and leave in overnight. Rinse it out thoroughly the next morning and you’ll look and feel like one of those shiny haired models in the glossy magazines.

And we all know how wonderful we feel on those good hair days!

Repairing Hair Mask

* That’s not really what it’s called, but we think we may talk to our R&D team about renaming themselves that!