Living clean is a way of life, but it can be especially challenging to maintain during Christmas time. Modere is committed to creating clean-label products that make your life easier while being kind to the earth. As you write your gift list for all your family and friends this Christmas, here are 7 easy ways you can also give back to the Earth.

  1. Be efficient with lights. Whether you’re putting up Christmas lights around the outside of your house or you brought home a beautiful new lamp, use electricity wisely. Try LED lights where possible because they’re much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Turn them off when you’re not using them, and put outside lights on a timer so you can control their energy consumption. Bonus: not only is this better for the planet, but it will save you money too!
  2. Use eco-responsible products. With all the extra family and friends you’ll be hosting during the holidays, you might find yourself doing a lot more household cleaning than usual. To help protect the planet and limit your guests’ exposure to harmful chemicals, be sure to use eco-responsible cleaning products like our Modere Multi-Surface Cleaner.
  3. Buy local food. Buying food locally is great for your community’s economy, and it cuts down on the pollution from shipping items to large stores. Local foods usually have more options for organic products too. Consider giving a jar of locally produced jam as a gift this Christmas too!
  4. Use water responsibly. Most households see a spike in their utility bills over the holidays. Because people are spending more time at home and often have visitors, homes tend to use a lot more water. The gallons washed down the drain often contain harsh chemicals, dyes and toxins from soaps and cleaning products. Consider ways to cut down on your water use during the holidays, and use grey-water safe products like Modere Laundry Powder. You could also bucket the water from the kids’ splash pool onto the veggie patch or garden to recycle water during a long hot summer.
  5. Avoid food waste. People tend to serve elaborate feasts during the holidays, and with so much excess food, a lot of it can go to waste. To prevent the extra food from ending up in landfills, you can plan your meals in advance according to how many people you expect will be dining. Store leftovers carefully, and if you still have food waste, be sure to compost it instead of throwing it away. You can also avoid overeating and limit food waste during the holidays with Modere Fiber and Sustain.
  6. Volunteer to help the earth. With plenty of free time around the holiday season, you don’t have to just sit around and watch TV. You can use your time to help the earth! Volunteer at a recycling centre, pick up rubbish in your neighbourhood, or plant a tree.
  7. Nix plastic decorations. Plastic decorations can leach harmful chemicals. They’re often expensive, and once they break, they usually aren’t recyclable. One new way that earth-conscious consumers decorate is by using accent pieces straight from nature, think branches as Christmas trees OR a real sustainably farmed Christmas tree. They turn the dead trees into mulch for the tree farm and the fresh versions gives your home a divine, ‘Christmassy’ smell!

Use these 7 tips to be more eco-friendly this Christmas.  The gift of Live Clean is not only a great gift for those we love but it is also a vital gift to the Earth this Christmas… and all year long.