Jocks and socks and kids bringing suspiciously constructed breakfast in bed… Father’s Day conjures up all sorts of feelings because this particular day finds us Dads in the complete spectrum of life situations, physically and emotionally.

While this early Spring Sunday is all about the love and respect for all Dads, take a minute to think about what type of Dad (or Dads) you have in your life. Because, along with all our normal, white picket fence Dads, there’s a similar number of de facto Dads, step Dads, single Dads, teen Dads, separated Dads, living apart Dads, working away Dads and more.

This particular Father is a combination of some of the above. I’m a Dad, a step Dad and, just recently, a step-grand Dad! Now, the lovely thing about being a combo-Dad on Father’s Day is that you get extra helpings of wonderful Dad-love.

I’ve never been one for prezzies on Father’s Day, but the older I’ve become, and the less I’ve seen my own two kids (and two step-daughters) on a day to day basis, the more I’ve embraced, delighted and loved getting that call, voice message, text or even Facebook like!

With all four of my kids interstate, living their busy, stressful, happy young adult lives, simply being thought of, and reached out to, is really quite powerful. And across all those Dad types and Dad situations… that loving card, gift, message or thought is all that we Dad’s need to keep going.

By Dad, step Dad and, just recently, a step-grand Dad, Roger Keynes