The best way to look younger is to be born later – and as we haven’t worked out time travel, that’s a problem! However, there are some practical steps to help minimise the effects of time on your body.

  1. There is little that ages the skin faster than prolonged exposure to UV light. When you step outside, be sun smart and always use sunscreen. Alternatively, add Modere Day Lotion with its inbuilt SPF15 protection to your daily skin care regimen.
  2. Keep your liquid levels up – preferably just plain water. Where you live and what you do during the day will impact on exactly how much water you’ll need, but the old rule of 8 glasses a day is still a good guide.
  3. Flash that smile! While a smile and a laugh will always make you feel younger, a fresh looking smile will always make you look young at heart. Try our Toothpaste to keep your pearly-whites looking good.
  4. Ever noticed that people who tend to take life easier are not only more relaxed, but the lack of stress leads to less grey hair and lines on the face? Help yourself to take it easy with Stress Health.
  5. Butt out. Smoking is one of the silliest things you can possibly do for your body both inside and out. Smoking ages your skin prematurely (not to mention what it can do to the rest of you).
  6. When skin is dry, it wrinkles. If there’s one tip you follow on this list (along with the sunscreen), it should be this one. Find your favourites in the Modere Skin Care range and pamper yourself daily.
  7. Eat well. A healthy balanced diet that’s high in fruits and vegetables will help you feel and look better. If you think your diet is leaving you a little short of nutrients, take a look at the Modere General Nutrition range for possible supplements.
  8. Get a good night’s sleep. There are a range of variables as to how much sleep people need, but you should wake fresh and rested – and that means at least 7 hours good sleep for most people. Using our Sleep essential oil blend could help you get a good night’s rest.

Of course, when using any products, please make sure you read the label and use only as directed. Do you have any other tips for keeping or feeling young using Modere products? Come and join in the conversation on our Facebook page!

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