Poor eating patterns place an enormous burden on individuals, families and the Australian society as a whole. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest focused on the associations between consumption of added sugars and adverse health outcomes.

Numerous studies show the link between sugar and ill health.

Unfortunately, most people struggle with sugar cravings. However if you have an awareness of WHY you are craving (yes there are reasons, and you can control most of them), sugar cravings can become a thing of the past.

Irregular eating times

Meals and snacks rich in refined carbohydrates can leave us feeling irritable and stressed. When you’re under stress, your level of cortisol increases, a ’stress‘ hormone that can contribute to abdominal fat deposits and make unhealthy foods look a little more attractive as comfort food. See the menu plans in the Modere Weight Management Booklet for ideal meal plans and timing of meals

Know the enemy

Pay attention to labels! It is essential that you actually know what sugars are harmful to you. If people were only aware of how much sugar there is in chocolate bars and the effect it has on the body they would definitely eat something else.

A standard, 51-gram chocolate bar contains 229 calories, including 8.7 grams of fat and 4.2 grams of saturated fat. The serving size has 35.1 grams of carbohydrates, of which 30.4 grams are from sugar! The bar has 2.2 grams of protein and 0.6 grams of fibre. That is a lot of sugar, and if you have a family history of weight gain and blood sugar problems it will not help. For a healthier alternative to conventional chocolate bars that is low carb, low sugar and high protein try our Protein Bar Chocolate Fudge . For those who don’t like to eat bars try our Modere Chocolate Shake Pea Protein

 Blood sugar

When you consume too much sugar it increases the amount of glucose circulating in your blood. Too much circulating glucose over a long period of time can lead to hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance. Too little circulating glucose and you may feel hungry, tired or have sugar cravings. Blood-sugar levels can also affect whether you store fat or burn it for energy.

So if you know the facts, what are the common reasons for eating too much sugar?


Work out when you are reaching for a sugar fix. If it is at 2.30-3pm everyday then your body will get used to it. Contrary to popular belief – habits are easy to break. If you are craving in the afternoon make sure you increase the protein with your lunch. This will stop most of the cravings, however if you are in the early stages of combating this addiction then mid-after noon snack on a high quality protein bar or a selection of foods from the snack and protein section of the healthy lifestyle food list should help.


Craving sugar when we are bored is common. More often than not you are not even hungry, it’s more of a habit as described above. If you are really serious about overcoming sugar addiction get up and go for a quick walk. This should help curb the boredom eating. Join a gym or take part in a yoga class, and eat protein with every meal as this helps maintain your blood sugar balance.


Like suggested, if hungry (and you have already eaten and have made sure you have had enough protein!) try drinking water first as cravings can also be a result of dehydration.


Water may be your best friend when curbing hunger, but it won’t perk you up like a soft drink or a sweet cup of coffee. But this habit isn’t that hard to break.

Next time you need a pick me up don’t head for the soft drink or the barista, try a Modere Energy Shot instead. Think caffeine with benefits: an energy shot with nutrition, not empty calories – because if you’re going to consume calories, consume calories that count.

So when it comes to food, adhere to the Modere Live Clean philosophy and tune into your body. Listen to what it needs. Cravings are your body speaking to you, make sure you listen and use this guidance as an opportunity to understand yourself better and lead a life of optimal wellness.