If there’s one thing we love more than the new Modere products, it’s helping others discover the new products in the range and what benefits they can offer. We speak to many people each day and we’ve being asked, ‘What’s the difference between Hydrating Lotion and Hydrating Activator – and how should I use them?’

Here’s what you need to know.

Hydrating Lotion is the all new Modere product. This is great for dry or sensitive skin craving additional moisture during – particularly when facing drier seasons, extreme climates or extended exposure to air-conditioning. It’s a gentle anti-ageing serum, rich with peptides and botanical extracts to help improve the skin’s resiliency and flexibility.


Apply it twice daily with fingertips to a freshly cleaned face, hands, and other desired areas. Massage it into the skin until thoroughly absorbed and remember to follow with your favourite Modere Skin Care regimen.

Hydrating Activator  is a refreshing spray lotion suitable for all skin types that helps to hydrate the skin.

Hydrating Activator

There are two ways to benefit from Hydrating Activator. Use it twice daily after cleansing to refresh and hydrate the complexion before following up with your favourite Modere Skin Care regimen. However, the special ingredients in Hydrating Activator also enable you to apply a fine mist after applying Modere Skin Care products such as Wrinkle Guard or Day Cream to heighten their effectiveness by driving the precious ingredients into the skin!

We love the refreshing and revitalising feel of Hydration Activator after a shower in the morning. In the evening, use Eye Make Up Remover and Cleanser for Dry Skin, then follow up with Hydrating Lotion. Its serum formula glides onto the skin leaving it soft and silky, at the end of the day. It not only feels great, it makes you confident that your skin has been looked after, all day long!