From: Trish DeZwart

Combined with the Modere Laundry Powder, Modere Fabric Softener just makes life so easy and basically iron-free! I no longer detest ironing because I hardly have any to do these days, and I am extremely fussy about my appearance!

I can clearly remember my first time using these products – I stood there dumbfounded at the results. I could see every detail of the fabric with barely a crease in sight, to the point where my colleagues even asked me how I was able to get ‘new’ uniforms!

Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t comment on my grooming. Thanks to Modere, good grooming is actually easier than looking sloppy. Minimal effort, non-toxic ingredients and fantastic results.

I photograph newborns for a living and with Modere, there have been no sensitivity to props I’ve washed, and the non-toxic properties and gentle lavender fragrance of the softener appear to really help keep the babies settled. Other staff comment on the fantastic condition of my props, yet they are 7 years old – not a sign of being ‘washed out’ and always super soft.

There are no longer huge piles of ironing to try and avoid doing – only some cottons and linen needing a ‘touch up’. I also care for a lot of furry animals and the softener really repels the fur from the fabric.

After just 1 load my washing filter can hold almost a cup full of fur and not one bit on the fabric! Even the odd sneaky tissue in the wash will not stick to the fabric. I wear a lot of black yet have not had to brush my clothes of foreign matter for years.

In SA we wear a lot of cotton and linen (our summers have weeks of 40°C plus temperatures) and the softener really makes ironing a breeze. I used to avoid wearing linen purely because of the ironing issue – with Modere Fabric Softener; it just doesn’t bother me anymore.

It’s economical too – a spoonful per load saves me hours of ironing or brushing, and keeps my clothes looking new, wash after wash. Put simply, I can’t thank Modere enough for creating this product – it makes me look better and feel good for less effort!