We are the Live Clean tribe.

We live and breathe our collective mission but what does that mean for us in this delightfully busy festive season?
I know you would agree with me, that our Live Clean heartbeat is far more than just our products. It’s mind, body and soul — a lifestyle that is authentic, compassionate, disruptive, humble and vibrant from the inside-out.

As each Christmas rolls around, I’m newly amazed at the hustle, the panic and the crazy that the season seems to bring. I sometimes even find myself getting caught up in it all and then giving myself a firm talking to – ‘Sonja, calm your farm, it’s not meant to be like this!’

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?! Drivers getting into arguments over the last empty park in the broiling heat of a Westfield carpark on a Saturday afternoon. The stress and anxiety that comes from January credit card statements after families have spent money they can’t really afford on extravagant gifts that aren’t really needed. The panic-stricken faces of last-minute shoppers in the mall on Christmas Eve, eyeing off other last-minute shoppers in competition for the ‘perfect gift.’ Hot and bothered cooks spending the entire day in the kitchen cooking for hungry hordes of family – but missing out on all the joy of actually being with family.

Then there are things we can’t always change. Strained or broken family bonds that the Christmas season puts a bright spotlight on or the pain of precious loved ones who are far away or no longer with us. It’s not always magical and certainly not perfect, but as the Live Clean tribe, we can do so much to fight the good fight against all the societal ‘crazy’ that this season can bring.

Christmas is all about love and joy, about friends and family and for many about faith – all beautiful things that deserve our full attention. Who do you know that would be blessed by having a seat at your family table this year? Do the kids REALLY need that many gifts? Do you really need to say yes to that invitation when you’re exhausted, and all you need is a quiet night at home?
Let’s truly embody our Live Clean mission this Christmas season and carry the Spirit of Christmas with us everywhere we go. Let’s enjoy the busy, not be overwhelmed by it. Let’s laugh and love and forge deeper connections with one another, and look back at Christmas 2018 as being a time of refreshing and FUN!

Merry Christmas, gorgeous tribe!


[Written by our Christmas-loving Brand Manager, Sonja]