The mind is a powerful thing. Our mindset and the way we think can really set the tone for how we live our lives. Think positively. Live positively. It seems so simple, right? However, there is a whole host of reasons and factors at play that stops us from doing just that… and the mind is perhaps the strongest.

It’s that little voice inside us all that says we aren’t beautiful, we aren’t thin, we aren’t good enough, that we listen to. Not the people around us who say we are amazing, we are beautiful, we are worthy.

To truly love ourselves and care for ourselves is to nourish ourselves in every possible way – through what we put in our bodies, on our bodies, what we think and how we take care of ourselves.

A recent article in Wellbeing about loving, not punishing your body into shape, says that the secret is to “re-learn the sacred art of allowing your body to lead your daily eating, not your mind and emotions”.

The article also goes on to talk about future pacing, a psychology term taken from a traditional Native American Indian practice that is about forecasting your future. It’s about thinking about your future self – what they look like, how they feel. Using that idea to love your body is about “knowing what your true shape is and embracing that” (Wellbeing).

Here at This Clean Life, when we think about loving our bodies, we think of those tanned up, bleach blonde older women you see roaming free down Patong Beach, in their bikinis, letting it all hang out (sometimes literally!), seemingly with not a care in the world. What’s a bet they are from the heart of the Mediterranean where it is all about loving yourself?! Now that is something to aspire to.

Yes, it’s important to be fit, healthy, and take care of ourselves but that can be so hard when we don’t love ourselves. It is also important to be happy with ourselves and truly love ourselves.

It’s about being mindful in every way – of what we eat, when we eat and why we eat. It’s about knowing that we deserve better and having the faith that we can change for the better.

If we can tap into that power source that is the mind and change our thinking, then we can do anything!