You may have heard the news − plastic microbeads, commonly found in facial scrubs and toothpaste, aren’t good for the environment. The problem is plastic microbeads don’t biodegrade quickly enough when washed down drains, thus polluting our oceans and water sources, and harming the marine life that ingests the microbeads.

Few consumers realise that their facial scrubs, shower gels and toothpastes may contain thousands of plastic microbeads. Large companies and supermarket chains have been adding microbeads to their cosmetic products since 1972, though the practice really only became popular in the past two decades.

The problem comes from people being completely unaware that they are pouring tiny plastic beads down the drain. These small plastic beads can persist in the environment , and have been found to contaminate a wide variety of freshwater and marine wildlife, which can then go on to contaminate the human food chain.

In Australia, the Federal Government has announced a voluntary phase-out period but will impose a mandatory ban if the aims are not met. Other countries such as the USA have already implemented a ban.

Modere, true to form, is way ahead of the game. We have never followed the popular trend of including plastic microbeads in our products. That means our Personal Care items, including our Exfoliant, our Cleansers, and our Toothpaste have never contained plastic microbeads.