There are numerous potentially harmful chemicals or toxins you may not know are in your house. Look at these chemical hotspots and see if you can detox your house of these harmful household items.

Synthetic Pesticides:
Weed and bug killers can be dangerous inside and outside of your home. Instead, use natural critter repellents like peppermint essential oil and non-toxic weed killers that aren’t dangerous for pets or run-off water.

Antibacterial Soaps:
The antimicrobial chemical in soaps, triclosan, is known to disrupt the aquatic environment.  Get rid of soaps with this harmful chemical. Hot water and traditional body wash products should do the job.

Non-stick Cookware:
Most non-stick pans use perfluoroalkyl acid, which has been linked to health issues. If your non-stick cookware has a scratch, throw it out and replace it with cast iron or glassware.

Vinyl is known as the “poison plastic.” Replace your floors with wood or bamboo when it’s time to remodel and avoid plastic shower-curtain liners or fake leather furniture.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a hormone-disrupting chemical.. Largely found in canned food and plastic bottles, opt for frozen foods and keep microwaveable food in glass containers instead.

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VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are known as indoor air pollutants that could be toxins living in your kitchen, basement, and especially laundry room. Look for unscented detergents and no-VOC plants to use in your home.

This chemical is used by many dry cleaners. Although it’s being phased out by the EPA, try to find solutions to “dry clean only” clothes at home, or air out your dry-cleaned clothes before donning them.

If your home was built before 1970, you may be in danger of having lead paint in your home. Just painting over it is a temporary fix. Even houses painted before the mid-1970s should be tested for lead paint before being repainted. Call a professional to remove the paint and make sure the harmful toxins are out of your home, especially if your current paint job is cracked or peeling.