My little universe is in the midst of a revolution.

There’s a craze that’s swept the world and being the ridiculous, pop-culture, product junkie that I am, I decided to explore this latest fad – little did I know this ‘fad’ could change my life from the inside out.

It’s no secret I like beautiful things. All the beautiful things. Homewares, a fresh posy of flowers, hand-made ceramics, shoes, gorgeous books, a luxe face mask, crisp new stationery, and don’t even get me started on the amount of joy that a pretty, new summer frock brings to my heart!

I think to a certain extent, whether you have a (slight) shopping problem like me or you are more fiscally responsible, living in the first world in such a consumer-driven society we all accumulate STUFF. Loads of it. We buy more than we need. We discard things that others would consider a precious gift, replacing it with the updated version. Our minds are constantly bombarded with clever marketing campaigns teaching us that we need things we really don’t and that our lives would be all the more fulfilled if we looked like this, wore that, had this and drove that – my life and overflowing cupboards are a living example of all of this nonsense.

Enter my world, a seemingly innocent book by Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo – ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-up.’ A New York Times bestseller and mentioned in virtually every second post on my Facebook feed for weeks, I thought I’d better make sure I was up to speed.

The KonMari method encourages us all, rather than a room-by-room or little-by-little approach which can drag on for years, to attack our clutter problems with a category-by-category mindset – the kitchen cupboards overflowing with mismatched Tupperware and broken appliances, the hordes of papers scattered in lonely piles throughout your home or the ungodly hot mess of clothes in EVERY SINGLE wardrobe, clothes basket or laundry hamper. You pile it all, every single item on a bed or lounge and piece by piece, hold each item in your hands – if it sparks immediate joy in your soul you keep it, if it doesn’t, it’s gone. And Marie is brutal. There’s no getting around it, if there isn’t an immediate feeling of joy in your heart then the item is taking up unnecessary space and cluttering up your home and your life.

Now, I can hear you all groaning already. “The old box of Band-Aids doesn’t spark joy in the depths of my soul, am I supposed to ditch those?!” “Who is this fruit-loop girl and what is she banging on about?” The actual Band-Aids may not bring any joy but the thought of covering one of my three boys with smooches, wiping away their tears after a fall and making the sore all better with a Band-Aid and a kiss however brings me ALL the joy!

Books should be read, enjoyed and then shared with others, clothes should be worn or given to others who would wear them, not kept in the back of the wardrobe on the off chance “I may need that purple leather bomber jacket covered in rhinestones again.” The graveyard of mismatched lids and stained containers in the bottom drawer of the kitchen brings no joy but a well organised kitchen most certainly does. I guess I liked the idea Marie highlights throughout her book – rather than asking myself what I should get rid of, I should be asking myself what should I keep?

It’s September and I always think about the annual Spring Clean this new season calls out for. The sun starts shining again and the desire to clear out any cobwebs, wash all the curtains and prepare my home for a Summer of frolicking family fun is overwhelming – and yet every single year I’m disappointed that when Autumn rolls around again and the long sleeves are pulled out of the bottom of the drawer, that purple rhinestone covered leather jacket is still there taunting me!

Well not this year. I’ve noticed a change has begun. I’m turning things around, category by category and I’m loving how this newfound minimalism is making me feel. My home, my schedule, my business, all in need of a clean sweep – my mind, heart and soul are reaping the rewards.

Happy Spring Cleaning friends. 🙂

Article written by Sonja Dunbar, Brand Manager at Modere Australasia.