All you need to do is visit your favourite beach, anywhere in the world and see rubbish on the sand that’s come from the sea, to realise how big our global plastic crisis really is. You don’t need to be a full-time environmental warrior to make a real difference, every little bit counts.

We know that the kitchen can be one of the biggest culprits in the home for attracting plastic waste and working towards reducing single-use plastics is a powerful step forward to fight the good fight, right from your home.

  • Ditch the plastic wraps and commit to using beeswax wraps or washable containers with lids
  • Take reusable shopping and produce bags to do your grocery shopping
  • Tremendous resources are needed to extract, bottle and ship bottled water – not to mention the plastic waste, so use washable drink containers instead
  • Do you love a BBQ with friends and family? Invest in washable picnic dinnerware and cutlery and enjoy your fun in the sun, completely guilt-free
  • Homemade school lunches made from fresh, high-quality ingredients rather than overly processed food wrapped in all kinds of plastic wrap is not only better for our environment, but for growing kids too! Make it a family affair and get the kids in the kitchen to help prepare fun and healthy, plastic-free lunches