Well… we did it! 21 days of detoxing your home… how do you feel?

The air in your home will be cleaner, your family and pets are safer, and you’ve made sustainable changes that are better for our planet, go you!

If you’ve ever needed proof that small changes can make a big difference, this is it. Making simple swaps to cleaner products, reducing the use of plastics, creating cleaner spaces and reducing the number of artificial chemicals in the air all add up to a Live Clean life!

It’s time to turn the last 21 Days into real lifestyle changes. Just because the detox is over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down. It’s time to take our quiz again and see how you measure up… how many of your answers have changed since your first attempt?

Retake the quiz now.

Still want more? Great! That’s what we like to hear.

Here at Modere, we believe we can always improve our Live Clean lifestyle. So, if you’ve ticked off our 21-Day Detox and are looking for more simple changes you can make to your day-to-day life, check out our Next Steps to a Live Clean Life.

Don’t stop at just detoxing your surroundings, why not give your mind some Live Clean lovin’?

Now that we’re feeling positive about our home environment with its clean air, fewer nasties and more plant-friendly products, why not look inwards, and give yourself a mini screen time detox?

Be honest, how much time do you spend in front of your screen?
Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Reducing screen time can have some amazing benefits, such as reducing stress, increasing productivity, improved focus and improved sleep schedule.

Now we know it’s easier said than done… but why not set yourself an achievable goal: put down the phone today for an extra 30 minutes and see how you feel? Tomorrow, try 45 minutes. Just wait and see how much more time you’ll have once you’re having a screen break for an hour each day!

Ok, now why don’t we look a little deeper, have you ever practised mindfulness?

A little bit of mindfulness goes a long way when it comes to detoxing the mind – we have a new thought every second and getting side-tracked is something the human mind is very good at doing!

So, how can we help calm our minds and stay better focused?
Meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness, and a great way to train yourself to maintain focus. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But what if meditation isn’t your thing? That’s ok! There are plenty of other wonderful mindfulness techniques that we can use to help calm and detox the mind. Take some time away from your screens, do some gardening, take the dog for a walk or do some yoga. Find your thing where you can be completely present, away from all distractions.

Other mindfulness techniques that are easy to fit into your daily routine are things like focusing on your breath, or take it a step further and incorporate some breath work into your morning routine. Believe it or not, breathing is one of the main ways to detox the body and improve overall functioning. Deep breathing increases blood flow and helps increase the bodies ability to excrete toxins.

Are you in touch with nature?

Research in this area is advancing, and with it, the understanding of how spending time in nature can improve our mental health and sharpen our cognition. The Japanese call this Shinrin-Yoka or Nature Therapy. The benefits are enormous both physical and psychological, and it’s as easy as replacing screen time with a little green time: put your feet in the grass! There are studies suggesting that nature therapy may even have an impact on the immune system, how cool is that?

Creating sustainable habits that can flow into all areas of your life, one step at a time is the key. With many of us checking in with our lives and the way we impact the planet and the toxins we are putting in our homes and on our bodies, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming!

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: small changes make big differences. Here at Modere, we’re always looking for ways to live cleaner, and help our friends and families to do so too. Below our some of our favourite simple ways to Live Clean:

  • Be mindful of waste. Recycle where possible and choose less plastics.
  • Shop seasonal produce where possible – local farmers markets are great to see what fruit and veg are in season.
  • Spend some time in nature – your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

Making these easy changes today can help lead to a better future tomorrow, something that we all benefit from.