Some could say that when you start to live clean you live more. It’s not because you are necessarily consuming or purchasing more products, or doing more ‘things’, but it is because you are taking stock of your life – what you put into and onto your body, how you look after your family and the way your life impacts the planet. Living clean is living mindfully.

Once you put in the small effort to re-assess these things, especially now as many of us are considering what going forward looks like after the “great pause,” we realise that the choices we make have an impact. And we can make a difference.

Recent research has even suggested the way we live, including how we build our homes for the future will be impacted by our desire to be more sustainable.

For us, when we say Live Clean, we mean finding and giving you the best (and most beautiful) clean label products that are made to be safer to use but also to be gentler on environment.

Removing products that include harsh chemicals or ingredients is just one of the ways you can start on your path to living a cleaner life.

Finding ways to Live Clean can seem time consuming and even overwhelming. Being part of the Live Clean Tribe can make it less so. We’ve put together five easy ways to get you on the path to loving yourself, looking after your family and loved ones better and taking more consideration into your impact on the environment.

Control What You Can Control

There’s a lot we can’t control in life, from our daily grind to what’s going on in the world. But to start living clean, all you really need to do is make a choice. To take it one step further, we suggest you make a plan and draw up a list of all the elements of your lifestyle that you’d like to improve. From cutting back or choosing your products more wisely, to reducing your use of plastic and making the commitment to re-use or recycle. The choice is yours.

Take Small Steps

Once you have your list, have a clean out.Think about categorising your home into personal care, home care and health and wellbeing. Then, just take it one shelf (or cupboard) at a time. There’s no need to get caught up trying to examine your kitchen in one day, but take the time to look at your labels, understand where your products are coming from and the impact they might have on where you live. Then think about your daily routine, like doing your laundry for example.

Could you incorporate the Modere Laundry Powder, which uses gentler but effective stain-removing ingredients?

Its cleaning agents are readily biodegradable to Australian standards, it’s grey water suitable and it even includes a solar activated brightening agent that, when hit with the sun’s rays, whitens stains even further while your linen and clothes are drying on the line. And don’t get us started on how nice it’ll feel to hang the washing out in the sun and reduce your home’s energy by not using the dryer.

Re-Connect With Nature

Giving yourself a break and taking a moment to go for bush walk, or a stroll on the beach will remind you why you are taking the necessary steps to Live Clean – Mother Nature. You can also consider incorporating more vegan-friendly products in your home.

From our Green Qi superfood to support your intake of phytonutrient-rich green foods, our Shampoo with natural botanical cleansers to restore the shine in your hair, plant-derived household cleaners that won’t kill your septic system, naturally-derived nutritionals made without artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, to traditional herbs with a long history in supporting human health and well-being, we’re focused on getting you sorted with cleaner, safer options.

Reward Yourself

Every time you make a Live Clean decision, give yourself a pat on the back. Self-care is more important than ever before, and it’s important to remember the reasons why you are taking the steps you are. Give yourself a treat, like a hot bath or a cosy afternoon on the couch while reading your favourite book.

Share What You Learn

As you take more steps on the Live Clean journey, you’ll find new ways to declutter, start your day off right or improve the way you prepare your diet; passing on your finds is incredibly satisfying. And that’s why we’ve created the Modere community so we can all learn and share with one another. Share your Live Clean discoveries on our social channels, give pointers to friends and family; even consider sharing with your neighbours.

What things have you discovered while on your Live Clean jorney?

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