In our 2017 This Clean Life digital magazine’s The Celebrate Edition, our mama of three boys, Brand Manager Sonja shares her experiences being a mum and what it means to Live Clean…

I think becoming a mum changes you. I mean, there are countless situations, people and circumstances in life that refine us or develop our character, but for me personally, the most life-altering moment was that day on the 4th of November, many years ago that I held Oscar in my arms and looked into his precious little over-cooked, bright red face for the first time. I realised so quickly (it was actually when we oh-so tentatively tried to get his scrawny little body into the car seat for the ride home from hospital) that I was solely responsible for his little life, his whole world rested in my (rather inexperienced) hands.

Many years, and many boys later, I’m a little less nervous about their scrawny little bodies but maybe even more concerned about their world resting in my hands. They scrape their knees often, are always covered in bruises and we even have the occasional need for stitches – all these things I can deal with. What I can’t seem to control is the growing awareness I have of the toxins in their world and the dangers to our families health they pose.

However, not all is lost. We have options and what I love about my role at Modere is the opportunity I’ve got to revolutionise my little world – with beautiful, clean and SAFE products that care for me, my family and the environment. I’ve changed my bathroom, I’ve changed my kitchen, I’ve changed my laundry and I can’t even tell you how many nutritionals we are popping each day!

And the peace of mind is breathtaking.

Living Clean is about using better products and being a part of the positive change that can happen when you switch to a clean-label lifestyle. Living Clean means removing potentially toxic ingredients from your life.

By giving people the chance to choose safer, effective and conscious products for themselves, their homes and their families, we’re all doing good in the world. We’re eliminating controversial chemicals in products we use every day. From beginning to our end, our goal is to achieve ethical sourcing, zero animal testing, non-toxic/BPA free containers and environmentally friendly recyclable packaging… right down to the potato starched pebbles you’ll find in every box we send out – you can chuck them on the garden or even feed them to the chooks!

Here at Modere, we are all on a mission. Not to just sell products but to change the world. To teach us all how to love our bodies, our homes and this beautiful earth, we can’t take any of it for granted.

We are going to change ten million homes. Isn’t that EXCITING?!

My home is one of the ten million… is yours?