Gingerbread houses. Candy canes. Roasted potatoes. Carb-a-licious rolls dripping with butter… The festive season and all of its dressings are just around the corner.

Eating poorly actually makes you feel blah, not merry and bright. Ironically, not only does this time of year tempt you to eat your worst, but it also expects extra energy. Rude, right? Work, festive shopping, baking, parties, wrapping presents and playing Santa all take its toll. It’s hard to go full steam when you’re full of sugar and carbs. So, how do you make sure you’re keeping up with your weight loss goals without adding one more thing to your festive to-do list?


Grab a bottle of Carb Blocker. Carb Blocker helps reduce the conversion of starchy foods into sugars in your system – delaying digestion and absorption of carbs. Carb Blocker is not only designed to help you reach your low-carb diet goals but also gives you what you need to conquer this festive season. We’re talking lights up, envy-inducing centrepieces, and homemade Pinterest-worthy gifts ornately wrapped under your tree.

If you want to still feel like one of Santa’s elves and not like a lump of coal be sure to take Carb Blocker this festive season.

*Always read the label. Use only as directed. Healthy weight loss requires a calorie responsible diet and regular exercise.