We regularly receive calls and emails from customers who have spoken to healthcare professionals about Modere products and received a reply which goes along the lines of ‘I need empirical evidence with randomised controlled studies and long term scientific research to be sold on an idea especially when it comes to health…’

I really do appreciate this point of view. With a health background that stretches back over more than thirty years (and thank you to those I can hear thinking that I must of started young! I began my studies into the science and philosophy of natural medicine at the fairly tender age of twelve!) I’m used to looking deeper to discover truths.

Before we can make a health claim for any product or ingredient, we have to have evidence on hand to support that claim. Claims must come from reputable sources; the substance must meet specific compositional guidelines, the route of administration must be appropriate to the use being claimed. If this is not met, the claims or substance may not be used.

When I originally started researching Modere as a company I wanted to work and align myself with, one of the first things I looked at was the backup studies and manufacturing standards for all our natural medicines. The first thing I noted was how much we rely on randomized controlled studies and long term scientific research.

I also rediscovered a wonder of traditional medicine, that this ancient knowledge is still with us in the 21st century, still helping people. While to qualify as traditional requires no less than three generations of recorded use for the same purpose, in reality it may have been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

The best way to check the effectiveness of Modere is still, of course, to simply try them, but armed with the facts, you can have a good head start towards convincing the doubters to take that first step towards better health. You can find our claims on the website and in our factsheets – downloadable from the product pages of the website.

Yours in good health!
Esha Dwight

B.N.Sc.(Hons), G.D.N.Sc.(Hons), Ad.Dip.App.Sc., N.D.

Brand Manager, Health and Wellness