While Modere takes the time to actively reduce our own company eco footprint with our recyclable packaging and energy-saving manufacturing, there are big ways and small ways that we can all take care of our environment.

  1. Create a veggie patch in your backyard and fill it with seasonal veggies and herbs to use in your cooking
  2. Compost your scraps and reuse your leftover food
  3. Skip the plastic water and soft drink bottles and invest in a SodaStream and a Modere Shaker to drink from
  4. Save energy by unplugging your appliances
  5. Ride your bike, walk to work or take public transport
  6. Switch off lights when you’re not using them

Our children deserve to inherit a cleaner and healthier world so let’s be an example for environmental leadership, responsibility and love!

Check out how Modere is being Environmentally Responsible.