We all have those days when you flop with a sigh on the lounge after a long day and reflect on the last 12 (or so) hours, feeling disappointed that you haven’t fully achieved all you set out to achieve. You went to work, maybe even did some exercise, popped a few loads of washing on, fed yourself and the family, but perhaps something’s missing and you don’t feel satisfied that you’ve performed to the best of your ability.

You got the job done, and that’s great! Life is full of seasons and sometimes it’s enough to ‘get through’ each day in one piece and that’s totally enough. But that’s not what every day should be like… do you ever catch yourself wondering ‘I wish I could do more, be more, than this!’

Wouldn’t you love to switch the lights off before bed feeling proud that you had the stamina, energy, and clarity to really push yourself to the limits, to excel and perform at your peak?!

You’ve probably heard the ‘fact’ that as humans we actually only utilise 10% of our brains – this myth is so popular that society has come to believe it to be absolute! While that statistic may be a myth, science does prove that our minds and bodies are capable of more than we imagine but we sometimes need a bit of a helping hand to really smash the day.

Endurance is the extra boost you need to help you perform to the best of your ability. This potent herbal formula features a careful balance of ingredients including those used in traditional Chinese medicine for generations to naturally increase energy levels. This includes Cordyceps, a well-known ingredient from the Chinese pharmacopoeia that is used to promote stamina, which in turn helps the body’s ability to endure stress.

Instead of reaching for the fizzy drink or double shot espresso and biscuits when the 3 pm slump comes around, Endurance provides that natural boost to keep you going throughout the day. Whether you’re an athlete training for a competitive race or someone who enjoys squeezing every second out of the day, it can help you perform to the highest degree, naturally.

If it’s all about physical performance, you might want to also try CoQ10, a supercharged antioxidant complex loaded with Coenzyme Q10 to fight free radicals and support cardiovascular health. Combine that with hawthorn, garlic and magnesium and you have a daily dose that packs a punch, to keep the hardest working muscle in your body – the heart – healthy and performing at its peak.

Whether you’re in need of extra stamina to smash that Pilates class, bike ride or run, or just to juggle the demands of a busy life, Modere is here to help you. In our multiple roles as friends, parents, colleagues and gym-bunnies, we want to perform to the very best of our abilities.  Live life to the full with Modere Endurance and Modere CoQ10, and as your head hits the pillow each night, you know you’ve reached the ultimate peak performance.