Here at Modere we are focused on improving the planet, one person at a time, one household at a time and one family at a time. When it comes to crafting a product for customers, balance is everything. Each and every formula must be equal parts safe and effective, every time. What does that mean? Whenever possible we opt for safer alternatives rather than conventional choices because Modere is anything but conventional.  For more than 30 years, our products have been the first choice by customers around the world. Proven, trusted, original formulas delivered to market and anchored by a simple philosophy – if it doesn’t meet our standards of safety, it will never be part of our mix.

We believe all our products should be ethical, sustainable and with low environmental impact. We do this not because it’s popular or fashionable, but because we’ve always believed it is the right thing to do – taking care of our planet while taking care of you, your family and your friends. By combining thoughtful science with careful creation, we deliver products that are smart, effective, safer, and designed with the intention to improve everyday life. Modern lifestyles have a new benchmark for authenticity and meaningful experience – it’s a personal space shared between your day and Modere.

We have compiled 3 of our favourite Live Clean Home essentials to kick start your Live Clean Journey.

Our Laundry Powder is one of our favourite Essentials. It is readily biodegradable and is also suitable for septic systems and grey water recycling. It uses plant-derived enzymes and biodegradable surfactants are free of harsh chemicals, making them gentle on your clothes and our environment.

Our Dish Wash is tough on grime and gentle on your skin. It uses a highly concentrated formula leaving dishes squeaky clean and uses far less product without the chemicals. It uses biodegradable plant-derived cleaners to powerfully lift food particles from dishes and suspend grease in water. Our environmentally-kind formula is free from phosphates and chlorine and is greywater approved.

Modere Multi-Surface Cleaner is formulated with plant-derived surfactants and biodegradable ingredients that effectively remove grease, dirt and grime from just about any household surface. Versatile enough for every room of your home, this all- purpose formula uses baking soda and surfactants to freshen upholstery and clean hard surfaces to a streak-free shine without using phosphates or chlorine.