Wellbeing may mean different things to each of us, but regardless, now’s the time to prioritise your self-care.

Do you sometimes feel that your mind runs at a million miles an hour and you’re not sure you’ll get everything done? Smashing through your daily ‘to do’ list like a machine, not stopping to reflect on how you actually feel, and then getting up and doing it all again the next day? That is, until you collapse in a heap?!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nothing external to you has any power over you.” Finding peace with the things you can’t change and taking steps to make positive changes for the things you can; will set you free.

Recent events have forced many of us to consider if being constantly on-the-go is the right way to live our lives. Packing so much in that we never have time for ourselves.

The result? If we aren’t putting our own wellbeing first, it can mean never quite being our best selves – at work, home or with loved ones.

Defined as ‘the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy,’ wellbeing can mean different things to different people. 

At its core though, retaining ‘well-being’ is something we can all strive for. It might be that feeling of contentment you get when sitting down to a family meal, the sense of pride of smashing your targets at work, or even just feeling alive when walking in the park on a sunny day.

What it isn’t is that frazzled feeling when you throw yourself from one task to another, and while ticking all the boxes, still being left with a feeling of underachievement or stress.

With so much noise cluttering our minds at the moment, it can be hard to think clearly, but there’s a few steps we can all take to prioritise our physical and mental wellbeing.

Firstly, it’s time to accept that self-care isn’t about being selfish. Being happy within yourself is empowering and allows you to be the best you when you’re around others.

So, if like many of us, your routine has been thrown into disarray due to constantly evolving circumstances, here are some of our practical tips to help you feel healthy and well:

  1. Stick to as much of a routine as possible – create a designated workspace within your home, get yourself and the family up with your regular alarm and stick to your usual meal schedules
  2. Eat well – nobody’s perfect and we all enjoy a treat, but processed foods will not help in the long term
  3. Include exercise in your day – Working on your body can support your mind. It doesn’t mean doing a HIIT class every day, just getting out for a walk around your suburb will improve your state of mind
  4. Consider the little things as a ‘treat’ – the stroll in the park, the mid-morning coffee or your favourite TV show – by reframing the significance of these activities, you’ll feel more content
  5. Keep up the regular Modere habits that help you feel your best – like Well-Being which has been curated with a special blend of Chinese and western herbal medicine to replenish your ‘qi’, supporting you against stress

Remember, give yourself a break! Many of us – particularly women – strive for perfection in all areas of life.  What this virus has taught us is that however hard we try, sometimes life throws us a curve ball.

Set yourself small, achievable goals, and make sure to put yourself first, before caring for others. Unless we feel content and comfortable in ourselves, we’ll never achieve the feeling of wellbeing we deserve.

What wellbeing changes are you going to make?