Formulated especially for the Australian conditions, our Laundry Powder is tough on dirt and gentle on fabrics and effectively takes care of your family, your clothes and the environment. We know that our Laundry Powder is tops so we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you need our Laundry Powder in your life!

1. Solar Activated Brightening Agent
The Solar Activated Brightening Agent in our Laundry Powder uses the sun’s rays to further whiten stains while your clothes are drying on the line.

2. Sun Protection Agent
The UV absorption agent increases the ‘sun protection’ value of clothes by absorbing UV light and offering more protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

3. Environment
Our Laundry Powder is readily biodegradable. It is suitable for septic systems using anaerobic bacteria as well as grey water recycling.

4. Anti-redeposition Agents
The anti-redeposition agent is a natural plant ingredient which prevents fine soil particles from attaching to the fabric and instead, allowing them to rinse freely out of the wash.

5. Oxygen Agent
Our Laundry Powder contains an oxygen agent that works directly on stubborn stains. Gentle on fabric and safe to use on coloureds, it breaks down to oxygen and water without producing the toxic by-products created by chlorine bleach.

Brighter colours and whiter whites… what more could you ask for??!


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