Spring’s here and as we shake off the grey blah of winter and welcome the sunshine, blue skies and a little warmth into our homes; our thoughts inevitably turn to one thing – spring cleaning.

Sure, spring cleaning is a great excuse to break out your Modere Home Care products, but it’s also a great time to de-clutter.

Use your spring clean to freshen up the space you live in and spruce up your viewpoint!

Here are some handy spring clean tips:

  • Set aside a day, pop it in your diary or on your calendar – no excuses, you’ve planned this!
  • Map out a plan of attack: list which rooms you’d like to work on and what you hope to achieve with that space
  • Have all your ‘tools’ ready: cleaning products, garbage bags, etc.
  • Focus! Do one area or room at a time. Seeing the results in one room completed will help keep you motivated to tackle the next one!
  • Crank up your favourite upbeat tunes and add a little In Focus Essential Oil Blend to help you stay energetic and on task!
  • At the end, take time to appreciate how each area looks (perhaps even take a photo and Instagram it with the #LiveClean hashtag!). Looks and feels great right? Now it’s in that state, a short 15 – 30 minute burst a week will help keep it that way!

Naturally Modere Home Care products can help you achieve this state with a lot less effort. Try these suggestions!

For surfaces, dilute 1 part Modere Multi- Purpose Sanitizer to 8 parts of water in spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on surfaces and wipe with a sponge or cloth and let surfaces air dry. For best results on stainless steel use a microfibre cloth or sponge – and remember to use a separate cloth for toilet areas!

For floors, add 2 litres of water to a bucket with 250mL of Multi-Purpose Sanitizer. Mop over tiled or boarded areas and let air dry.

For appliances. Add a little Modere Dish Wash to a damp cloth or sponge, wipe over the surface area of the appliance, and let air dry. Using a separate damp cloth or sponge, remove any residue and let air dry again.