Well, I’m glad you asked. 

It’s a hot topic at the moment, and you’ve probably heard the word “grey water” thrown around quite a lot. And rightfully so, because it’s more important than ever to be hyper aware of our environmental impacts and how we can decrease them. You’ve stopped using straws and you’ve started donating your clothing, good for you. But now it’s time to take the next step – it’s time to educate yourself on grey water.

So what is grey water?

Grey water is the waste water from showers, washing machines, baths, and hand basins. Water from dishwashers and kitchen sinks is often referred to as dark grey water, because it has a higher load of chemicals, fats, and other organic matter. Meanwhile, water from toilets is called blackwater.

It’s believed that just over 50% of household water used could be recycled as grey water, saving potentially hundreds of litres of water per day. Grey water can be used in your garden and also re-used in urban water systems, for example when you flush the toilet. This reduces unnecessary freshwater extraction from rivers and waterways, while reducing energy use and chemical pollution. 

So you can clearly see that the products you choose have a direct impact on the world around you. Enter in… our grey water approved products.

1. Fabric Softener

Our biodegradable, vegetable-derived cationic softener in our product gives your clothes incredible softness without any animal by-products – nice! It’s effective in hard water and suitable for use in septic systems. Suitable for use in top and front loader machines.

2. Laundry Powder

This one is our powder with superpowers – it cleans your clothes, protects from fading and is gentle on the environment. There is so much goodness packed into one little box: protease enzymes, oxygen bleach and anti-greying agents for stain-fighting power. If that’s not enough, it’s tough enough for Aussie conditions with an inbuilt sun protector. 

3. Dishwashing Powder
A favourite – this chlorine free, low temperature activated oxygen bleach gently removes stains while bio-active enzymes work at low temperatures to eliminate protein and starch films. It’s a highly active water softening agent that optimises performance and machine efficiency and helps keep your dishwasher hygienically clean.