The world is changing, and never so rapidly as in these unprecedented times. As our global community comes together to navigate a new normal in the face of incredible challenges, our frontline health and safety workers have continually stepped up to meet the growing demands of a global crisis.

In response, Modere North America launched a mission to express our gratitude. We’ve given away a million dollars in Modere clean label wellness products directly to our deserving frontline health & safety workers across the continent. And our gratitude continues to overflow.

A Million Thanks to our global partners for continuing to supply the raw ingredients, packaging, and shipping services that are necessary for Modere to carry on manufacturing and delivering our clean label essentials to the families around the world who depend on them. A Million Thanks to you for using, loving and sharing our products in support of our live clean mission.

And most of all, A Million Thanks to our heroic medical professionals, first responders, armed forces and all who tirelessly serve our communities every day to help us stay safe and healthy during this crisis. We’re in this together, and we couldn’t be prouder of you.