As we all move towards a ‘greener’ future, it seems that being environmentally conscious is now more important than ever. Taking action towards environmental sustainability is easy, affordable and can have awesome benefits for your health, your home and the environment.
But where do you start? Let’s learn more about it…

We’re all accountable for our planet and the steps that can be taken to reduce our negative impact on the environmental world. If we choose to make environmentally conscious decisions now, it can help to reduce negative consequences impacting the sustainability of the environment for our future generations.

I mean, it’s a no-brainer, right?

In saying this, we know it can be difficult seeing the bigger picture when you’re making small changes such as avoiding certain chemicals, or sticking to a responsible recycling routine.

But! These small changes all add up to a big difference. You know the saying… ‘many hands make light work!’- and it’s truer than ever when it comes to sustainability.
A hands-on approach encouraging family, friends or even work colleagues is a great way to get everyone open, active and involved!
So now we know – the more the merrier… but how can you start?

If you’re looking for a simple lifestyle tweak to help create a more ‘Live Clean’ lifestyle, why not take a look towards your household cleaning products?

We all know cleaning is non-negotiable, and the convenience that comes with ‘quick fix’ products that offer easy and fast cleaning is sometimes oh-so tempting. But do we ever consider exactly what we may be willingly welcoming into our homes? How often do we stop and think about the effect it may have on our health, our family’s health or our environment? Conventional off the shelf products are often overloaded with damaging and harsh chemicals – so why make the switch?

  • Ecofriendly products are safer for children and pets – It’s time to audit that cleaning cupboard, you know… the one under the laundry sink that is most likely housing cleaning products from 2012… Choosing to swap to eco alternative products is a great step in the right direction. These products are often plant based, containing natural ingredients leading to significantly lower health risk for your family and pets.

Check out our Multi-Surface Cleaner, free from harsh chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine, chemicals that can be irritating to the respiratory system and contribute to polluting our waterways.

  • Environmentally friendly – General household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can contribute to smog, are toxic to plants and animals and negatively impact our drinking water. An accumulation of these toxins that are washed into our water ways are difficult to remove, impacting ecosystems and the related flora and fauna.
  • Performance – You don’t need harsh chemicals to get your home squeaky clean! Thanks to modern science, we can now enjoy the same sparkling surfaces, without the toxic residue! Natural ingredients have been proven time and time again to provide a safe and clean alternative to common potentially harmful chemicals.
  • Clean air – Harsh chemical products may contaminate the air in your household, exposing yourself and your family to toxic substances. Natural ingredients are more gentle, reducing the risk of air contamination.

Take a look at our gentle FreshSpace air freshener. It uplifts and refreshes while destroying odours, all without the nasty commonly used Phthalates or Triclosan – two chemicals that are often found in antibacterial air fresheners.

  • Low risk – Time to ditch the gloves, mask and safety cap! Lower health risks in natural products mean we no longer need to suit up in single use protective gear when we clean… that’s a double win for the environment!
  • Cost effective – Conventional products can often be pricey due to the “chemical cocktail” nature of the products. Eco-friendly products generally provide a more concentrated formula, meaning less is more with a quality over quantity approach.

See? Making environmentally conscious decisions can be as easy as a simple ‘swap this for that’ approach to day to day life! And when you take into consideration the benefits, it’s an even easier decision!

Using responsible cleaning products doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re washing dishes, cleaning countertops, freshening up your rooms, or doing laundry, Modere has you covered. Plus, these highly concentrated formulas require less product to get the job done, saving you money and reducing packaging waste. So, why not join the natural cleaning revolution? Make the switch to Modere clean label cleaning products, and you can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, promote a healthy living environment, and protect the planet.

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