Wanna know what’s in some of our Modere Corporate team’s carts during this Spend & Save promotion?

“Ok I’ll admit it. I’m not always perfect when it comes to keeping healthy. A full-time job and two young kids. I do try. But every night is a race to get food on the table so it’s not always possible to be the healthiest you want to be. That’s why I’ve picked the Live Clean Detox Collection this month. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m prioritising my health and wellbeing no matter what obstacles get in the way.”
– Paul, Assistant Brand Manager

“It’s an effortless purchase for me! My skin gets so dry in Winter and our
Live Clean Skin Dry Collection is a hydrating treat for my thirsty skin! I LOVE the extra gift of the exfoliating facial brush – it’s gentle enough to use every day with my cleanser and it means my moisturisers get to work at a deeper level. For the rest of my family, our Live Clean Bathroom Collection is a no brainer for me. My gorgeous (and rather messy) three boys come out every night after their showers smelling DELICIOUS (I could just gobble them up) and I’m confident and at peace, knowing full-well that they are using safer products on their precious little bodies. PLUS, I’m collecting the hemp cloths that come as a gift in the bathroom collection – I use them for absolutely everything!”
– Sonja, Brand Ambassador

“I LOVE the gym! I’ve worked so hard to get myself in shape – now I’m reaping the benefits now with such a zest for each day! I use the SHAPE Lifestyle Transformation System, it helps me maintain my best SHAPE and I can’t live without those products every month. The Live Clean Energy Collection is the best for a good, clean buzz without the afternoon crash.”
– Rachel, Personal Assistant to Sales & Marketing Manager

Get shopping in Australia and New Zealand as this promotion ends tonight, Wednesday 21 August at midnight Adelaide and NZ time.