Over 30 years ago, we built our brand on a foundation of safety, becoming the leader in clean label products because your health and home deserve better. So, each and every day we make it our mission to challenge the assertion that to be effective, a product must also contain harsh chemicals.

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Safer for you and your family
From SLS to phthalates, we bend over backward to ensure that every product is safe for our customers, their homes and the environment. Some operate under the idea that, “if it isn’t safe for animals, it isn’t safe for humans.” But we prefer the reverse. We value our furry friends and never test our products on animals, ever.

And while many companies can claim to not use harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients, Modere is the only company in the world committed to providing clean label products for over 30 years.
But it takes more than manufacturing clean products to make a difference, it requires re-examining everything from packaging to the building where the products are bottled.

Walking the talk
We believe our environment is a reflection of ourselves and so we must care for it as if it was family because, in a sense, it is. Our compassion is not a hollow philosophy we print on the labels. We walk the path we espouse, which is why Modere opened a facility that drew on 100% wind power for its manufacturing activities, making up approximately 20% of its total power use. The building is colossal, over 300,000 square feet, so this creates a significantly smaller environmental footprint than traditional facilities.

Making the dream a reality
Ultimately, we believe the face of Modere is the face you see in the mirror. We are a nation unto itself, and that nation is global. It has become all too clear that to effect a real and permanent change our concerns must be international and our aims, limitless.

To evolve is a choice and we believe it begins with a single step. When you choose to live clean today, you’re choosing to positively impact yourself, your family and the environment. It’s a choice made with clean eating, clean labels and a clean conscience.

It’s a choice made with Modere.