Like you, we want to be confident that the products we use in, on and around our bodies are not only effective but are safe for our families and loved ones. But popular nutritional, personal care and household formulas often contain ingredients that could be controversial, not only to human health but to the environment.

That’s why our first clean label product (a shampoo) was pioneered more than 30 years ago, and we’re still passionate about the idea that what we leave out of our products is as important as what we include. Our clean label promise means you always have safer, effective alternatives to the lifestyle essential you and your family depend on every day. It means you’re helping to create a healthier planet for future generations.

Live Clean

Just like our fingerprints, a Live Clean lifestyle takes on a unique look for every person. For us, Live Clean is our obsession. From how our products are created, to how they’re delivered to your door. Each commitment we make to Live Clean is a commitment to life, for life.

At its heart, it’s a responsibility and the benefits are universal as we are all united by our need for personal wellbeing and a healthy earth. Live Clean is an acknowledgement that your actions affect all living things around you – from the earth under your feet to your own reflection in the mirror – and it’s a resolve to live in respect of that fact.

When you choose to Live Clean today, you’re choosing to positively impact yourself, your family and the environment. It’s a choice made with clean eating, clean labels and a clean conscience.


We build our brand on a foundation of safety and becoming the leader in clean label products. Whilst many companies claim they don’t use harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients, Modere has been committed to providing clean label products since its inception.

These symbols represent six areas within our Modere Live Clean paradigm. They are the cornerstone of Live Clean and at the heart of all we do.

Our Perfect 10 Quality

Our 10-step quality process aims to make every product perfect. While other companies meet some of these quality standards, Modere delivers a Perfect 10.


  • Assess the origin for 100% nutritional ingredients
  • Analyse 100% of incoming raw materials for identity
  • Identify botanicals by species and genus via methods including HPTLC (High-Performing Thin-Layer Chromatography)


  • Consult our Scientific Board of scientists and nutrition experts with decades of experience and multiple advanced degrees
  • Finished goods microbiologically tested
  • Avoid genetically modifying ingredients


  • 100% manufactured in the USA & Australia
  • Recyclable packaging
  • All products follow the highest levels of GMP locally and globally
  • No animal testing