Updated: July 23, 2021


As a general rule, most orders are processed and dispatched within 1 to 2 business days of being placed. If your order is placed after 3pm, the following day will be counted as the first business day. Under normal circumstances, freight to Metro areas is delivered within 3 business days from dispatch and to Regional areas within 5 business days from dispatch. Currently, most post/courier networks are experiencing an increase in demand and delivery delays due to limited airline capacity and government restrictions.

**  Please note:  South Australia is heading into lockdown from 6pm this evening (20.07.21) for 7 days. There may be slight delays in the processing and delivery of orders, as we adjust our warehouse to adhere to the current safety guidelines.



Day Lotion Combination Skinend August
Lip Balm with SPF 15September
SyncSync is now discontinued in AU and NZ


Day Lotion Combination Skinend August

Modere clean-label products are an effortless choice. At the end of the day, you, your family and the world around you deserve only the best. However, occasional high demand or unforeseen circumstances can lead to a temporary stock-out of a product. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get the products you love delivered directly to your door, as safely and quickly as possible!

Market Announcements and Product Updates

Logiq 13/7/21

After careful consideration we have decided that we will no longer be ranging Logiq in Australia and New Zealand due to low demand. It will be offline after this current batch runs out on 11/8/21 or earlier if sold out sooner. We know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear, but for those of you who will miss your daily brain food, why not try Modere GO? It is an amazing product with very close similarities to Logiq in terms of the amazing cognitive benefits it has. It supports energy, mental focus and mental alertness with the addition of peak performance so you can achieve all you set out to do and SMASH through your day. Of course, you will still need your daily collagen booster – our Liquid BioCell or SHAPE varietals are a great source. We know there are lots of you that love Logiq, so we encourage you to stock up on it while you can and take advantage of the sale. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to some of you and thank you for your continued loyalty to the Live Clean Tribe.

Carb Reducer 12/7/21

Some of you may have seen in your orders that Carb Blocker now has a new name – Carb Reducer. Due to a slight hiccup in our inventory system, this new label was despatched earlier than we forecasted. The name has been updated due to TGA regulations as Carb Blocker is no longer a permitted claim with this product. This amazing formula has not changed and it still helps you by reducing the conversion of starchy foods into sugars in your system. Carbs can be a stumbling block on a weight management journey, go on – smash down those blocks with Carb Reducer.

Phyto Scoopies 15/6/21

Our newly launched Phytos have become an instant favourite to many of our Live Clean Tribe members, so when you guys had concerns of the new Scoopies and the serving size, we listened. Rest assured, every jar of Phyto’s contains no less than 30 servings by weight. However we have found due to natural variations in ingredient density, the Scoopies may hold less than 30 servings per jar for PhytoGolds and more than 30 servings per jar of PhytoGreens. Currently we are working to source upgraded, more user-friendly scoops. In the meantime, we recommend using a heaped scoop for PhytoGreens and to the height of the handle for PhytoGolds.

These new scoops will be here in no time, but until then we hope you’ll continue to experience the remarkable benefits of Axis Phytos and we appreciate your patience and support.

Digestive Enzymes + 31/5/21

Digestive Enzymes now has a new name – Digestive Enzymes +. Rest assured, the formula has not changed and you still have the same fabulous product. Adding the + has not only helped us differentiate our amazing product from others in the market, it also signifies the other additional powerhouse ingredients in the product like aloe and other herbs. The label has also been adjusted slightly to align with the new label legislation.

PhytoGreens (Green Qi) 25/5/21

Say hello to new Modere Axis™ PhytoGreens! An exciting update to Modere Green Qi, this rebranded formula takes our classic green superfood powder to the next level. We have removed the wheatgrass and alfalfa grass so that more people can now enjoy the amazing digestive benefits of this product. We’ve added avocado oil to help enhance bioavailability, while a hint of lime and pineapple provide a touch of natural sweetness and added zing. This superfood powerhouse of 27 phytonutrient rich, alkalizing green blend is sure to kickstart your morning smoothie. Axis PhytoGreens now joins the Modere Axis family alongside Axis PhytoGolds and Axis TreBiotic

Sync 5/3/21

After careful consideration Sync is being discontinued in New Zealand and in Australia as of 30/7/2021 or until stocks last. Sync was part of our M3 system which has since been replaced by the Lean Body System. We were lucky enough to maintain stock levels of Sync even after M3 was discontinued, but we are now no longer manufacturing this product globally. To keep our high-quality standards, we will stop selling the product from 30/7/2021 as this last batch will expire on 20/9/2021. For all of you taking it for sugar cravings, why not try Balance Drops as well as our Fiber so you still get those prebiotic fibres to promote regularity. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to some of you and thank you for your continued patience and loyalty.

Well-Being 3/2/21

At Modere, our top priority is to make sure we provide you with the best products available. This means we are constantly looking for ways to improve our existing products in terms of product formulation, product delivery, packaging design, and product efficacy. We want to ensure every step along the supply chain upholds the standards of Modere and what we represent as a global, authentic brand.

In line with this ethos, we wanted to make you aware of some key changes to the Well-Being product. We recently undertook a series of steps to enhance its performance and its convenience. increasing the quantity of Astragalus we’ve been able to take full advantage of the benefits this ingredient has to offer.

Herbal medicines rely on evidence from scientific and traditional sources. Traditionally, Astragalus membranaceus is prized for its benefits to Qi. However by increasing the quantity of astragalus in each dose, it not only strengthens Qi according to traditional Chinese medicine, it maintains immune system health and healthy immune system function – no traditional modifier required.

The supporting herbs will be present in the same quantities per daily dose as before, the tablets will now be capsule shaped and of a of a larger size. Due to this, the dosage has changed from 8 tables to 4 tablets per day. Each bottle will last 30 days, just as before. 

Along with increasing the performance, the price of producing Well-Being has also increased. We have taken the steps to absorb the cost but we have reduced the points to align more closely with the rest of the range. The price for AU is still $72.65 AUD but the points are now 57 rather than 60.56. The item code has also changed to eliminate confusion and accommodate the formula and tablet count. For New Zealand, we have a few months of stock left of the original formula, then we will be switching to the new batch. We will be reviewing the pricing and points once the older formula has sold out.

We pride ourselves on making proactive changes and accepting nothing but the best. These updates are a reflection of our commitment to that priority, as well as our commitment to being the industry leader in combining the best of science and nature. Let’s enjoy this journey together.

Day Lotion Combination Skin 6/1/21

Recently, an ingredient in our Day Lotion Combination Skin became no longer available from the vendor. We made a diligent effort to find a suitable replacement ingredient to meet Modere’s clean ingredient paradigm, and our R&D team has set about the task of meticulously reformulating the product. The new formula is currently in testing, while our strict standards ensure that product quality and efficacy will remain unchanged.

The first production run of our improved, updated Modere Day Lotion Combination Skin is tentatively expected to be available in June 2021.