Are you feeling the 2pm slump? We get it. There’s so many challenges in life, juggling many responsibilities and let’s face it, life is hectic. Whether you’re up against a big project, in a crucial meeting or taking care of business at home, it is hard to keep focus and maintain your energy levels. And those quick fixes can lead to jitters and sudden crashes.

Modere GO is an easy-to-use stick pack that focuses on balanced energy, mental focus and alertness to support your daily performance whether you’re taking an exam, giving a presentation, or hitting the gym for a difficult workout. It is for anyone who doesn’t want to run out of steam, and always wants to do their best with life’s many challenges.

This powerful blend includes natural caffeine from green tea plus 24 powerful support ingredients, including 8 brain supporting nootropics, all working together to help you maintain peak performance any time of day. Modere GO is low in sugar, dairy-free and keto friendly. Its easy-to-take formula is perfect for those on the go by mixing 1 packet in 250–500 mL of water and shake/stir until it’s dissolved. You can also use it as a great concentrate before hitting the gym or mix it with a litre or two and make drinking water more interesting throughout the day. Modere GO supports normal balanced energy, mental focus, healthy cognitive function and mental alertness so you are ready for peak performance.

Ready, Set, GO!