We all need it. We all do it. But for some, it can be a struggle to do it well.

It’s common knowledge we need consecutive nights of good sleep to perform at our best, but for some, this isn’t an easy feat. Everyday lifestyle habits can interfere with your much needed slumber, and stresses or worries from your day can prevent you from getting optimal rest… leading to a cycle of bad sleep.

If this sounds oh so familiar, never fear!
It is possible to create good sleeping habits and get that rest you deserve!
Below are our 5 favourite ways to promote a good night’s sleep.

Exercise during the day.
Engaging in as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day has the capacity to benefit your sleep. Not only will doing so improve your overall health and wellbeing but you will see the same benefits in your sleeping patterns. For an added benefit, incorporating a Magnesium supplement into your workout routine will both help sore muscles as well all assist in peaceful sleep.

Taking a relaxing Bubble Bath.
Whether we’re tense from a long day behind a desk or an active workout, relaxing in a silky bubble bath helps us to wind down. Our soothing Bubble Bath is the perfect way to unwind. Combining hops, meadowsweet, and matricaria extracts, it offers pure relaxation after a long day.

Self-care comes in many shapes and forms. It can be things as simple as investing in a good night time skincare routine. Our Modere Night Cream gently balances combination skin while hydrating and enhancing skin while you sleep. Rest easy knowing you’ll be waking up to refreshed, glowing skin.

PhytoGolds Latte.
Nothing says winding down for the day like delicious warm drink before bed. Add in our powerhouse blend of 7 carefully selected, highly bioavailable ingredients including fermented turmeric and fermented ginger and you’ve got yourself the ultimate after dinner treat – perfect for a happy tum.
Simply add one scoop of PhytoGolds to your favourite milk alternative (warmed and frothed!) and enjoy!

Modere Sleep.
Why do we love Modere Sleep? Formulated with bioavailable lavender oil and passionflower, this newest advancement in sleep science helps improve deep sleep while reducing restlessness. Sleep features a combination of soothing ingredients that help reduce mild anxiety by calming the mind and helping to relieve nervous tension—so you can rest easy.
Simply take 1 capsule by mouth 30-60 minutes before bed to promote restful sleep.

The benefits of healthy sleep habits are endless, but some of our favourites are:

  • Benefits your mental health
  • Better calorie regulation
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • More social and emotional intelligence
  • Promotes improved concentration and productivity
  • Promotes improvement in athletic performance
  • Supports a healthy immune system