To get the absolute best out of your Modere skincare, use your chosen
targeted products in the right order to maximise their effectiveness and
help you to see the results you deserve.

  • Cleanse, baby – It goes without saying, cleansing your skin every night before bed to remove makeup, excess oils and daily ‘grime’ is a given, but did you know it’s equally important to cleanse your face each morning too? Our skin sweats and produces excess oils as we sleep and you’ll be amazed at how effective a twice-daily cleanse is on your skin!
  • I just need some time – Make sure you leave a minute or two between each product to allow time for them to penetrate the skin. You can brush your teeth or do your hair between each layer to save on time.
  • Start with the thinnest texture first – After cleansing, a spritz with Hydrating Activator to mildly tone and bring moisture balance to your skin is key. Featherweight and refreshing, it will also help effectively drive your serums and moisturisers deep into the layers of your skin.
  • You deserve a treat – Targeted treatment products and serums come next, for example, Eye Cream or Antioxidant Gel. Depending on your skin type and your age, you’ll want to target specific ‘problems’ with effective products and you can use multiple treatment products without overloading your skin.
  • I’m thirsty – Now it’s time for our favourite step, hydration. Depending on the time of day, your skin type, the season of the year or your age, our last layer is either Day or Night Cream for Combination or Dry skin. Squeeze lotion or cream to the inside of your fingers, rub together and then gently press into your skin, tapping a little over cheekbones and temples. It will encourage blood flow to the area and ‘wake up’ your skin a little, but avoid stretching the skin.