2022 – the year of you!

What is it about a new year that makes us want to reset into new, healthy habits? Is it the phycological feelings of a clean slate? Is it the feeling of calm after the Festive Season whirlwind that makes up December? Or maybe it’s the weighed down feeling after all that delicious festive food! Whatever it is, we can’t explain how exciting it feels to roll into a new year with the intention to make it the best year yet!

Because here at Modere we’re one big Live Clean Tribe, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite ways to cleanse & reset this January.

Give your insides some lovin’
Nothing will make you feel more ready to take on the new year than a healthy, happy tum. Not only will treating your insides with love show through your skin, energy levels and mood, but you’ll find your focus and drive will be thanking you too!

Our two Modere go-to’s for an extra boost for your insides are Liver Health & Burn. Both focus on creating a healthy tum so that you can feel your best!

Reflect on your accomplishments
What better wat to kick the year into gear than to take a mindful moment and reflect on all your wins from the previous year. Celebrate your successes and accomplishments, and use that motivation as stepping-stones to push yourself even further in 2022!

Get your inside glowing
Looking to kick that post Festive Season sluggish feeling? Look no further than Activate. Leave that feeling in 2021 and jump back into a lighter, brighter you. This monthly, 3-day detox is designed to ignite your digestive energy, help eliminate waste and get you back to your favourite self!

Move your body
Setting fitness goals is the perfect way to keep yourself motivated as the year progresses and having the right gear to keep you going is essential in our eyes! That means treating yourself to some new runners, making sure you’ve got the best playlist ready to go, and stocking up on your favourite protein powder, ours of course is the Chocolate Shake Pea Protein!

We hope you’re feeling as inspired as we are to take on the year with your best intentions!
Here’s to 2022, we can’t wait to spend it with our Live Clean Tribe!