The key to success in getting results with fitness? COMMITMENT.

Commit to a program and stick with it. If you’re getting up each morning without a plan for the day, you’re sure to fail. Decide to follow the program and stick to the schedule you’ve created for yourself. Get into a routine as soon as possible. It will become easier and easier as you get into better shape and begin to see results.

Before long, you will have created a healthy habit that will pay dividends for years to come. If you want to take your fitness goals up a notch, augment your three lifestyle changes by following our Lean Body System fitness guide.

WEEK 1CardioStrengthRecoveryCircutStrengthCoreRecovery
WEEK 2CardioStrengthRecoveryCircutStrengthCoreRecovery
WEEK 3CardioStrengthRecoveryCircutStrengthCoreRecovery
WEEK 4CardioStrengthCoreCircutStrengthCoreRecovery
WEEK 5CardioStrengthCoreCircutStrengthCoreRecovery

We recommend 25-30 minutes of exercise training on each workout day. To keep things simple, do three sets, 30+60 seconds of each exercise when alternating exercises.

We recommend picking three exercises and rotating through three sets of each, then choosing another three exercises and rotating through three sets of those. Repeat this process until you’ve completed 25-30 minutes of exercise.